About ME

It occurred to me almost immediately after moving from Houston to Los Angeles 10 years ago that my life would be quite different here. It was an “a-ha” moment of sorts. A mid-life crisis? No, not really. But, the move forced me out of my comfort zone and I had to learn how to navigate. There was so much I needed to learn and city maps, Google and Wikipedia became my lifesavers.

The LA vibe was much different than what I knew in Houston. It became clear to me that it all starts here; the latest and greatest trends in technology and the entertainment industry appear in LA long before hitting Houston. It was all around me – on the news and in the news. LA is full of tastemakers, hipsters, and influencers. It is where innovation meets fashion, food, decor and lifestyle. LA is a melting pot of ideas and if those ideas are a hit, then they’re usually a big one. My daily life was suddenly the headlines, the products, the content, the trends and the brands.

Sprinkles Cupcakes started here. American Apparel started here, and so did TOMS, Drybar, and Snapchat. I could keep going and going. The products, the branding, the trending…..

I quickly realized that in this town, one has to be “in the know” and I had a real desire to be able to “walk the walk” and “talk the talk” with all those around me. When people would ask me “How did you do it?” referring to my move from Houston to LA – which was followed by the question “How did you meet people?” – my answer was always the same: I had to exert every single day. It was as simple as that, and my goal was to be open to all of this newness. I had to jump out of my box. I enjoyed meeting new people, exploring new places, and trying new things and I did one of those three things every single day. I really felt that I had achieved victory when friends of mine who had lived here for years started calling me (who would’ve thought) to ask what restaurants to go to or what new boutiques had popped up. Then strangely enough, a good friend of mine encouraged me to start a blog called ‘You Need To Know This’ because she told me that she could always count on me for great suggestions, referrals and tips. Instead, I decided to start a blog with a different name ~ Lemonade to Lace ~ because you can take this gal out of Texas but you can’t take the Texas out of this gal.

I hope you enjoy reading Lemonade to Lace ~ ~ where southern charm meets California cool!

About Barbara

FAVORITE FOOD: Anything with avocado
DECOR STYLE: A mix of old and new, clean lines & modern art
FASHION FAVORITES: Jeans and a great pair of shoes
LOVES TO WATCH: Documentaries
DISLIKES: Politics
HAS TO HAVE: At least one cup of coffee in the morning
CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: My family, my friends and my iPhone
FAVORITE SPOT IN LA: The Hollywood Bowl
FAVORITE SPOT IN HOMETOWN: The Houston Galleria and El Tiempo Cantina

Special thanks to my lovely friend Lisa Chin Parigi