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November 2016

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Attention Pet Lovers…Check out Petzi!

My friend Susie, who is a dog lover and current on all things “tech”,  told me about a new toy that she got called Petzi. Using Petzi, Susie can talk to her labradoodle Cosmo from anywhere. She can see what he’s doing through the Petzi app and can even give him a treat while miles away. It’s crazy to think that something like this would be possible, right?

The holidays are around the corner and I think this would be the perfect holiday gift for anyone on your list who is a pet lover and here’s why…

With Petzi you can see, talk to, snap or treat your dog with a simple tap of your finger. With the click of a button, you can SEE your pet’s face through the camera on your Petzi device and you can TALK and praise your pet via the high quality audio. If you tap the “camera” symbol on the screen you can SNAP photos of your pet any time of day to share on social media or to keep on your phone.

Saving the best for last, if you tap the “bone” on the screen you can actually dispense TREATS to your dog via the Petzi Treat Launcher no matter whether you’re across the street or hundreds of miles away. Even better, you can see your lovable, furry friend’s face as they discover their treat while looking on the screen of your smartphone.

Petzi is available on Amazon for $169.95. To see this great product in action, watch about it here!