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OMG! Have you ever had FOMO? Deciphering Popular Acronyms.

Have you ever heard someone say they had “FOMO”? I first heard that acronym a few months ago from my adorable daughter-in-law Jayme but had no idea what on earth it could mean. Was FOMO an illness? A new fashion accessory that I didn’t know about? What was it?

I decided to Google its meaning and found out that FOMO is an acronym that means “fear of missing out”. I literally had FOMO not knowing what FOMO meant. How hilarious! I immediately fell in love with this word and realized it’s a feeling that most of us have had at least once in our life. It also became clear to me that using acronyms like FOMO saves time when texting. It’s much quicker to type 4 letters rather than 4 words that mean the exact same thing.

With everyone’s fast-paced lifestyles, think of how much time handy acronyms like FOMO could save! I decided to research what other acronyms are frequently used on social media and in everyday conversation and here are some of the goodies I found:

Frequently Used:
BRB: Be Right Back
BTW: By The Way
HBD: Happy Birthday
JK: Just Kidding
LMK: Let Me Know
LOL: Laugh Out Loud
MYOB: Mind Your Own Business Continue Reading

Random Things

Packing Tips For A Trip

I never realized how much I used to overpack until my Mom took our oldest son Marshall to New York City for a special grandma-grandson trip – just the two of them. I dropped Marshall off at her home 20 minutes before they were supposed to leave for the airport and right before they walked out the door Marshall said to my Mom, “Granny, where’s your suitcase?” And my mom answered, “Marshall, it’s right over there by the front door. Do you see it?” Then Marshall asked, “Well, where’s the other one?” And to that, my Mom said “What do you mean? I packed everything in that suitcase. That’s all I’m taking.” Finally, Marshall said “Granny, I can’t believe it. My mom uses a suitcase like that for just her hair stuff.” Boom! That was it. We all started cracking up and to this day, every time I think of that story, I get a big smile on my face. Once again an “aha moment” and it was actually a turning point because I realized that I was doing it all wrong! I couldn’t believe that my mom who too loves her clothes was actually able to fit all her stuff into one carry on.

The whole process used to be such a chore for me but I’ve gotten a whole lot better. It took a while but I realized that I needed to be better organized and have a system in place. I used to wait until the last minute to start packing but not any more. The days of staying up late the night before are no fun and not a great way to start a trip, so here are some useful packing tips that I’d like to pass on to you:

Start Early

Lay things out several days before your trip. Check the weather forecast and think about any events which might require something special like a beach day, a night out, or a workout.




Create separate piles for beauty products, technology accessories, clothing and shoes. I’ve found that using clear organizers make it much easier to find things (especially cosmetics) rather than the opaque fabric bags, which don’t allow you to see what’s inside as easily.

I sometimes use the extra large individual clear ziplock bags for my lingerie, socks, and workout gear. These are super helpful when you’re not able to unpack and it makes it so much easier to get dressed because you don’t need to search all over your suitcase for the individual items.

Pick an Anchor Color

I find that by choosing one color (mine is black) and using it as an anchor really helps me with packing and prevents me from overpacking. Unless I’m going on a beach vacation I’ve realized that I can never go wrong with packing a pair of black slacks, black jeans, black shoes and a black bag. It’s then easy to coordinate the tops and jackets and mix and match while trying to introduce some color.

Pack by Outfit

If you travel for work and you’re going from meetings during the day to business dinners at night, this is a huge help. If you need to pack suits or coordinated outfits – try tying a string or ribbon around each individual outfit and putting them into labeled Ziplock bags. This is such a time saver when changing outfits from day to night. This trick also stops me from overpacking because I decide on each outfit prior to zipping up my suitcase.


Personalized Packing Lists

Create an itemized packing list and include the same items you need for every trip. Save it on your phone or keep it tucked in your suitcase and you’ll have it to refer to the next time you travel. You’ll find that it eases the nagging “what ifs” like “what if I forgot this” or “what if I forgot that.” If you need some inspiration, start with my go-to packing list. 

Minimize Luggage

Just remember that less is more when choosing what luggage to take. My goal now is to aim for just one carry-on and one large tote for my purse, laptop, iPad and tech accessories. By taking LESS luggage, I know I’ll have MORE time that day in my arrival city because I can avoid  waiting in the Baggage area for my luggage. Woohoo!!!

Wishing you happy packing & safe travels!



Pretty Things

Fall Fashion 2016

shop-till-you-drop-dressesFall 2016 Fashion Trends

A few months ago I had the amazing opportunity to visit Johnson Hartig’s Libertine fashion house and studio in Los Angeles. All I can say is WOW! Talk about statement fur, high shine and embellishments. OMG! His collection is out of this world and beyond creative which is why this afternoon event at his design studio and showroom got me super excited for fall fashion that’s in the stores and online.

Join me and check out the list below of some of the current trends for all of you fashionistas this Fall 2016.


Velvet is the wonderfully soft, chic fabric of the season and it’s everywhere. Thankfully, velvet won’t break the bank when you add it into your wardrobe! If you can’t commit to a velvet jacket, you might want to try a velvet choker, a clutch or even a headband.


Statement Fur

Both real and faux fur with bold colors and prints are all the rage this season. The faux furs are a lighter option to make a bold fashion statement when you’re living in Southern California like I am. For those of you who love your accessories, real and faux fur keychains, shoes and hair accessories are also great pieces to own to give an outfit that extra pop.


Wearability is key and we’re seeing this fall trend on blouses, dresses and even handbags. Because it can overwhelm an outfit or even a person,  more isn’t always more; I don’t want you looking like Jerry in his pirate shirt in that episode of Seinfeld!

Bomber Jacket

The bomber is front and center in the fashion arena right now. Whether it’s embroidered, oversized or constructed of a shiny satin or yummy velvet, these jackets are being shown over body hugging dresses or ripped jeans and they are basically available anywhere and at any price. You can have fun styling this look in many different ways so run, don’t walk, to check them out in the stores and online.


High Shine Pieces

Vinyl, patent and metallic pieces are poised to be a standout with jackets, skirts, and dresses taking on this luxe look. Like many other trends this season, there’s a fashion spectrum that allows you to sport a pair of shiny patent heels all the way to a full vinyl outfit – have fun with this one!



As you’ve probably noticed, they’re back and they’re everywhere. The fashionably conscious are wearing velvet, lace, and leather ones, some are embellished with precious metals, some are thick and others thin. Out and about I’ve seen thin scarves used as chokers, black velvet chokers with a single vertical pave diamond bar centered on the neck and so many other trendy, unique versions of the look. Wear them alone, layer them, the look is what you make of it! It’s easy to see that you can be completely “on trend” by simply adding a choker into the mix.

Fall Floral

Bye-bye minimalistic and monochromatic and hello florals. We’re not talking sweet little pastel floral prints though. This Fall, channel the dark, vivid floral prints and pair them with suede, leather and silk. Talk about bold and chic!

By adding just a few of these trends to your wardrobe this fall, you will be “spot on” in the fashion arena. Happy shopping!